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You Are A Princess

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Marianne Williamson

In royalty, a princess is well educated, often speaks several languages, is well-groomed and well-mannered.  As ambassadors for their country, she is hard-working, supportive and often involved in charitable work.  Depending on how far removed she is from the line of succession, they can play a background role and are far from the spotlight.  Think of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.  If you’re thinking WHO are they, that’s a big clue!

In sales, here is how you are a Princess:

Strengths:  Hard-worker, get things done.  Intelligent, knows how to connect well with your clients and can easily see what people need and how to best serve them.

Weaknesses:  You tend to stay in the background rather than taking a leading role.  Your reluctance to take the limelight has you playing small and staying out of the big arena where you could really stand out and get noticed.  One reason you don’t ask for the money you deserve is that you feel like you are not polished enough, you don’t know enough, you don’t see yourself as the expert.


1.  More visible as you are fully capable of being center-stage and will be incredibly popular as people are attracted to your “presence” and want more of you!

2.  Want you to feel qualified to share your wisdom and knowledge in a much wider circle.  More self-confidence around your expertise needs to be a priority.

Biggest Fear:  Fear of not being good enough.

Talent:  Your ability to see beyond the obvious for your clients and then relay what they need in a gracious way that makes change for them easier to accept and implement in their business.

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