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You’re Very Good At What You Do And You Love The People You Get To Help.

But perhaps you’re not paid as well as you would like to be. Maybe you’re not getting enough clients or you’re not selling enough products. Saving for retirement has become a luxury you can’t afford.

My name is Jan Janzen and I love helping women entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, who want to build a thriving business but can’t because they don’t know how to sell their product or service.

I Understand Sales More Than Most


I was trained in sales by the time I was six years old through my upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I have been out of the organization for 20 years, but those 38 years of training held me in good stead through a wide range of businesses where I excelled at selling.

Jan preaching in Ecuador

Rejections and Objections Were An Everyday Routine

During my early days selling with the organization, it included having doors slammed in my face; water hoses turned on me, dogs sicced on me and mobbing by an angry village while living in Ecuador.​

For many women like yourself, sales are hard.  Selling doesn’t feel natural, and it doesn’t come easily. You’re right. Sales training, taught by the vast majority today, is challenging because most of it is designed for men by men. And ladies, we aren’t men!

We don’t connect with a potential client like a man and it doesn’t feel good to “close” a sale like a man. We’re women and we need to sell like a woman.  And that is precisely what I would love to teach you to do.

What a difference you can enjoy when you see sales from a feminine point of view of sharing, serving and helping rather than prospecting, targeting, filling the pipeline and then closing.​

For almost 40 years I have bucked that masculine trend and sold with compassion, confidence, and integrity.

I Want To Show You How To Do The Same

It has been the wide range of businesses I’ve owned that have taught me how to sell under any circumstance to any audience with any product which is why I am confident I can help you sell, no matter what your product or service.

How Sales Queens International Became a Reality

In 2008 I Left Canada And Spent 9 Years Travelling The World

In many countries, it was hard to see women working long hours in tough conditions, their bodies broken so they could put a meager meal on the table for their families. Worse yet, was seeing young children working all day rather than attending school.

Coming Back To North America I Had A Realization

Many women in developed countries are also working hard. You’re probably one of them. Long hours, determination to succeed and a significant investment of money and energy are the norm for many female entrepreneurs.

Yet an entrepreneur women’s income is shockingly less than a male entrepreneur’s income; $68,000 on average LESS!

Changing The Harsh Financial Reality For Women Around The World Became A Mission For Me in 2019. HOW?

Whether We Want To Admit Or Not:
To Succeed, We Need To Sell


And if sales are the lifeblood of your business, your key to success and financial security, you need to learn how to love sales so you want to do them.​

From this amazing mission, Sales Queens International was born. Sales training specifically for women entrepreneurs.  A place where you can learn to sell and gain the confidence you need to make selling a prominent place in your business instead of that dreaded thing you avoid doing.​

So please know that I am here for you as a coach, mentor, trainer, and fabulous cheerleader!  If I have a chance to meet you in person, I will give you a great big hug!

Seeing you succeed and live the life of your dreams is what I jump out of bed for, even on those cold winter mornings, on our homestead below.​

To your amazing success!


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“I worked with Jan in one of her automotive businesses. I will never forget watching her handle the men at the dealerships from the owner to GM to finance managers and service managers, earning their respect, gaining their confidence and making selling to them look so easy. Jan flat out knows how to sell.”

Wanda March

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