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Why Helping Women Become Financially Free Is Important To Me

In 2007, I left Vancouver, Canada to travel the world. With just 2 suitcases and my laptop, I set off on what turned out to be a 9-year adventure.

What I saw during those 9 years changed my life forever.

Women struggling to put a meager meal on the table for their families. Children working instead of attending school. The suffering of animals as a result of the incredible poverty. 

I came back to Canada determined to make a difference, but how?

Jan preaching in Ecuador

I spent the first 38 years of my life as a Jehovah’s Witness.  I lived in Ecuador for 4 years as a missionary.

I was trained in sales by the time I was 6!  Rejection and objections were an everyday routine in my life.

Although I have been out of the organization for 21 years, that incredible training helped me build several 6-figure businesses over 40 years of being an entrepreneur because I knew how to sell.

I want to help you do the same by helping you gain total confidence around sales.  Sales is the lifeblood of every business.  If you aren’t selling, you have an expensive hobby and that is never going to change your life or the world.

It has been the wide range of businesses I have owned from buying a franchise at 19 years of age to being president of a network marketing company to having a 6-figure healing practice that has taught me how to sell under any circumstances to any audience with any product.

It’s why I am confident I can help you sell any product or service.

I firmly believe as does Harvard Business Review that “female entrepreneurs have the power to change the world.”

I’d love you to join me in that mission because together we can do it.

“I’ve worked with Jan for more than 15 years and she NEVER disappoints.

Jan is someone I totally trust when it comes to support, direction, wisdom, encouragement, and challenge on the topic of sales in business.

I watched her fill my workshops by crafting effective sales campaigns that I had no idea how to do. I’ve learned so much from her over the years.

And her outrageously funny “no-nonsense, say it like it is, say it like no one else does” way of training is the icing on the cake for me.”

Monique MacDonald

Life Coach, Author, Trainer of Sacred Gifts

The Money Mindset Was
A Huge Challenge For Me

Because I was raised that the “end of the world” was always just around the corner, my money mindset was distorted from birth.

So when I escaped the Jehovah’s Witnesses at 38 years of age with my husband, I had no idea how difficult it would be to move past the brainwashing I had experienced my entire life.

Every day was a challenge as I learned to navigate in a world I had shunned.

Like many women, I didn’t value myself, my expertise or know how to charge for my work.

Although I had many successes in business, there was a ‘hole in my soul’ that reaffirmed for me daily that I deserved so much more, that I was here on Earth at this time in history for a reason.

When my husband of 18 years announced shortly after our escape that he didn’t want to be married anymore, AND I subsequently lost my biggest customer overnight with no warning, my life changed dramatically….again.

Instead of living in a beautiful home with an ocean view, running a 6-figure business in the automotive industry, I was homeless, alone and almost bankrupt.

I ended up living in a cabin with rats the size of small kittens running up and down my walls.

Thankfully due to a massive shift in my money mindset that came about as a result of discovering my own healing gift, in less than a year I was able to move into a beautiful condo.

I was quickly earning 6-figures in a healing practice, booked solid for 6-weeks out. A business built entirely on referrals.

Today I still help women change their money mindset with amazing tools that have helped me personally along with so many of my clients.

When amazing sales training AND empowering money mindset comes together, it’s life-changing!

“I want to thank Jan Janzen for her Building a Rock Solid Foundation for Your 6-Figure Business, that I have been part of these past few weeks.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the program, the live sessions allowing us all to share ideas and suggestions, and the supportive community Jan has built.

This is a business building course, but Jan makes it so fun. I have learned so much, and am excited to implement what I’ve learned and grow my business to the “minimum 6 figures” Jan talks about!

I truly believe everyone should work with Jan!”

Melissa Deally

“I am coached by Jan and it is awesome. I feel really seen by her, even when she kicks my butt.

She is very sharp in seeing where I am stuck and what needs to be addressed and is not afraid to do so.

I love the materials we work with; she is really helping me raise my fees and charge more and most of all….she helps me get to that place of confidence about what I can do.

She is a cheerleader, great fun to work with, warm and she gets you places.  I highly recommend you work with this woman!”

Monique Coppens

The Netherlands

6-Figures Is
The New Minimum Wage ®

One day on a Zoom call, the words 6-Figures is the New Minimum Wage came out of my mouth with a passion that literally stopped the call.

I had never heard this tagline before. But when I heard it that day, I knew my mission was grounded in a goal.

In Canada, women entrepreneurs earn on average $68,000 less than male entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs also only receive, at most, 7% of the venture capital funding available.

The truth is that women in business are succeeding DESPITE the challenges. But it could be so much easier and so much bigger!

“I have worked with Jan for the last couple of weeks and I have had more AHA’s over money and where I am at with it. I have learned to work with my selling style, rather than against it. Jan helped me find the selling style and money mindset that was plaguing me.”

Dianne Parnell

Belief Change Therapist,

When I see a woman charging for her coaching, consulting or training by the hour, offering low-end packages, I cringe.

I know from personal experience, that the fastest route to burn-out and unnecessary stress is earning below the New Minimum Wage.

It excites me because women control the global economy whether we realize it or not.

We just need to change some of the ways we do business and how we price our services.

It’s actually very simple to create the world we want because financially free women have power. Plain and simple.

I Believe We Are On The
Brink Of Something Great

Although we have been through some really challenging times recently, I believe this is the turning point.
And I believe that something great is going to come out of this challenge IF women will step up and do what they intuitively know they are here to do.
I’ve got a dream.  You’ve got a dream.  Somewhere deep in our soul, we know why we agreed to show up at this time in history.
My mission is to help female entrepreneurs, particularly the coaches, the consultants, the trainers, the healers say YES to a new world where all women and their families are fed, clothed, educated and are safe.
Today, as I am privileged to live on 20 beautiful acres in central British Columbia, Canada, with nature literally at my doorstep with a husband who loves and supports me fully, and our rescue cat Mimi, I feel more committed to ever to supporting women entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

If you haven’t asked for your free training on Why Women Sell More But Earn Less and How to Change That do it now.

You’ll discover:

The #1 Reason Why You are Earning Less Than You Know You Deserve

How to Maximize Your Greatest Asset You Are Likely Minimizing

How to Upscale Your Business Model so You Make More Money Automatically

It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a great way for us to connect.

“Jan is one of those rare people who actually “walks her talk.”  When she talks about training, she’s one of the best trainers around. When she talks about selling……WOW! She’s a great salesperson.

 Jan is the real thing; she has done what she teaches and her passion and belief is unstoppable. She has endured and won against all odds. She is someone with integrity, vision, intelligence and unrelenting energy.  It is a privilege to work with her.” 

Robin Elliott

Collaborative Marketing Coach

I can’t wait to meet you.  Together, let’s make a difference!



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