women sell more but make less money than men

Learn Why You May Struggle with the Money Part of Sales

What If Your Negative Thinking Around Selling Wasn’t the Truth?

If you’ve ever described sales as “icky”, “yucky”, slimy”, “manipulative” or ever dreaded the sales conversation in your business, then you are in for a BIG SURPRISE!

Firstly, let’s get two facts out of the way.

1. According to Gong, the world’s #1 revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams, women outsell men by 11%.  Yes, you read that right!

2. According to PayPal, a study done in Canada showed that women entrepreneurs earn $68,000 LESS than male entrepreneurs and that’s per year!

My Goal is to Build Your Confidence in How Amazing You
NATURALLY are at Sales AND Help You Make MORE Money.

Do you want to know why you are earning less than you know you deserve to make?

What if there was something inside of you that would automatically help you make more sales easily and          earn more money with confidence?

Imagine if selling and making more money actually felt good and right.

If you’re booked with 1:1 clients charging an hourly rate
or offering low-priced packages, then I can help.

“I attended the July 2020 You’re Worth 6-Figures and More workshop with Jan and repeated it again in August.  It was that good!

Jan was able to create clarity and focus on what I needed for my business. My income went up 70% in the first month and over 125% in the second month; the third month is on target to have an even larger increase.

With Jan’s guidance, I am taking my business from a side hustle to a full-time money-making enterprise.”

Dianne Bondaroff

Needle and Spice

“Jan titles herself as the “Sales Queen”, which accurately describes her talents. I’m a “numbers girl” – and they don’t lie! New sales in 2019 – 14. New sales January – October 2020 – 18.

I then worked with Jan in November.  Sales from November to February are at 18!

In just 4 months, our sales are equal to what they were in 10 months, and have exceeded all of 2019. I highly recommend investing in Jan’s training, and see what the Sales Queen can do for you.”

Ruth Urban

President & CEO at On the Money, LLC

Why I can Help You Make
More Sales AND More Money



Jan working with a Guatemalan family to help provide school supplies for their village.

I traveled the world for 9 years and saw a lot of suffering. I came back to Canada determined to make a difference.

For over 4 decades I have coached women entrepreneurs to learn how to sell, grow their businesses and change the way they see money.

The best way to help women in business increase their business was to teach them how to sell.

I spent the first 38 years of my life as a Jehovah’s Witness. The religion taught me how to sell well despite plenty of adversity to my message. I had dogs sicced on me, hoses turned on me and I was even mobbed by an irate community in Ecuador.

Because I can sell well, I have created several 6-figure businesses in a wide range of industries. And I would love to help you do the same.

“I’m thrilled to say that as a result of Jan’s sales training, I doubled my sales during the Sell Like A Queen program Jan’s approach is a potent combination of heart-centred focus, incredible content, and beyond exceptional support.

She is one of the most gifted, encouraging and brilliant sales mentors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A perfect combination of conscious visionary and accountability partner, Jan’s gift is helping you see what you can’t see, and clearing the way to help you to move more fully into your potential.  She creates a supportive environment in which to learn, grow, practice and excel.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone new to sales, Jan will definitely help you claim the noble purpose of your calling with integrity, grace and the joy of “I did it!” results. No matter what level you are at, Jan will help you “own your throne” of ecstatic, purposeful sales success.”

Cheryl Brewster, B.Msc.

Professional Intuitive, Coach and Speaker, TheIntuitiveLife.com

How You Can Easily Learn to Make More Money and Enjoy Sales

I know that may seem far-fetched to say, especially if you feel like selling and pricing are your worst enemies in business.

However, after working with thousands of entrepreneurs over 4 decades, I know that YOU CAN OVERCOME that dread of the sales conversation AND the fear of asking what your work is worth.

Let’s begin by finding out WHY women outsell men

What you naturally do well even though we technically “do it all wrong” according to the experts.

How you can amplify what feels good and eliminate what feels salesy.

Why you probably aren’t charging enough for your work and how you can easily change that.

“Jan’s sales training was a total success for me. Despite my decades of sales experience, I still learned so much. Within two months of starting the Sell Like A Queen program, I landed a very big account.

Then COVID-19 happened. Overnight I lost that big account. Yet with Jan’s training and support combined with the group support, I was able to still double my income during the pandemic.

I highly recommend Jan’s sales training. Jan knows her stuff and her 4 decades of experience in business shows in every aspect of her training.”

Wanda March

Founder of Phone Talk B2B

“Between Jan’s Money Archetype assessment, her Build a Rock Solid Foundation workshop, and her caring mentorship, over the past five months I’ve had several “Aha!” moments, a few mindset shifts, and my business has more than tripled. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and focus in their business!”

Anastasia Olson

Pragmatic Perfection | Strategic & Operational Support

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