6 Secrets to Easier Selling You Will Enjoy!

Training 1 – How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Worksheets for Training 1

How Much Is Your Time Worth

Until you understand the value of your hour, your day, you will prioritize all the wrong things and never make the money you want to make.

In this video, you will learn how to calculate the value of your time along with the worksheet provided. Once you see YOUR value, it is so much easier to state your fees to a potential client.

Training 2 – Understanding Your Value to the Client

Worksheets for Training 2

Cost Of Not Solving The Problem
Standing In The Truth Of Your Value

Most women undervalue their knowledge, experience and expertise. So many undercharge and over-deliver. Let’s change that so you can charge what you’re worth with integrity. In this video I will take you through how to complete the two worksheets so you can understand fully the benefit you bring to your clients AND the cost to them of not hiring you to solve their most pressing problems.

Training 3 – The Sales Conversation System

Worksheets for Training 3

The Sales Conversation System

Selling is a system. The conversation that leads to a sale is not something you want to wing or hope and pray it results in a sale. Understand the 7 steps to a sales conversation so you can follow the system (not the script) and make selling easier and more fun for you and much better results.

Got Questions?

Most women still have more questions because now you can see how important it is to really MASTER the sales conversation.

Watch the video below to see what’s next if you want to learn more about how to make sales EASY AND PROFITABLE in your business.

How You Can Sell Like A Queen

Queen of Hearts: 6 Weeks To Selling With Compassion And Confidence

You can learn more about the newest program Jan is offering on how to really master the sales conversation here.

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