If You’re Unhappy With Your
Current Money Story, Let’s Rewrite It.

Here’s how I can help.  As an intuitive and healer I can:

Discover what genetic coding beliefs are holding you back from creating the money you desire in your life.  Depending on your ancestry, there are beliefs that are coded into your DNA which most people are completely unaware of.  These need to be identified and released.

genetic coding beliefs

Clear past lives which have you paralyzed around money.  I believe you have been here before and your past lives have a massive impact on how you handle money.   By clearing negative past life memories, you are free from events, situations and emotions that have no place in this lifetime.

Clear past lives

I see the Subconscious Mind like a filing cabinet.  Unfortunately, the negative files are usually at the front of the filing cabinet because we tend to give negative events more airplay than the positive events.  So I pull the files from the Subconscious Mind that don’t support wealth and replace them with empowering files.

Subconscious Mind a filing cabinet

Uncover the significance of your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes, including how to get the best from your special combination and how to overcome any conflicts or challenges that can arise.

Sacred Money Archetypes

I started doing this work on myself 20 years ago and literally went from living in a cabin with rats running up an down the walls to a 6-figure income within 18 months.  Today I enjoy complete financial freedom.  Over the past 16 years I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them release negative patterns and beliefs around money with outstanding results.

“Jan Janzen has got to be one of the most amazing spiritual healers I have worked with.  If you are ready to take your life for 0 – 60 fast, her work is for you.”

Marjean Holden

Trainer, Speaker, Actress, Producer

“Jan has been given an amazing gift of hearing, knowing and healing that places her among the creme de la creme of therapists.  She has a sixth sense, a special connection to people that helps facilitate permanent and lasting change. “
Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D

Cost Is $197 For The Session.

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