Are You The Queen, 
The Pauper,
The Lady-In-Waiting,
Or The Princess?

“I worked with Jan in one of her automotive businesses. I will never forget watching her handle the men at the dealerships from the owner to GM to finance managers and service managers, earning their respect, gaining their confidence and making selling to them look so easy. Jan flat out knows how to sell.”

Wanda March

Sales Training For Women

Which One Are You?


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Meet Jan

Jan Janzen-Sell Like A QueenMeet the Queen of EASY
Sales Conversations, Jan Janzen.

I believe that financially free women will change the world. I’m inviting you to be one of those women.

I know that this may seem as distant from your reality as flying to the moon, but I believe anything is possible. Why?

In 2000, I was earning six figures in the automotive industry, happily married and living in a gorgeous home. My life changed practically overnight as my husband unexpectedly packed up and moved out.

Within two years, due to a messy divorce, and a change in the policy of my biggest client, I found myself homeless and almost bankrupt. I ended up living in a cabin with rats running up and down the walls. Eighteen months later, I was living in a beautiful condo and back to earning a six-figure income; built entirely on referrals.

How did I make the turn-around from disaster to divine? I was trained in sales by the time I was six so I did what I knew best … Sales!


“I’m thrilled to say that as a result of Jan’s sales training, I doubled my sales during the program!  Jan’s approach is a potent combination of heart-centred focus, incredible content, and beyond exceptional support.

She is one of the most gifted, encouraging and brilliant sales mentors I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A perfect combination of conscious visionary and accountability partner, Jan’s gift is helping you see what you can’t see, and clearing the way to help you to move more fully into your potential.  She creates a supportive environment in which to learn, grow, practice and excel.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone new to sales, Jan will definitely help you claim the noble purpose of your calling with integrity, grace and the joy of “I did it!” results. No matter what level you are at, Jan will help you “own your throne” of ecstatic, purposeful sales success.”

Cheryl Brewster, B.Msc.

Professional Intuitive, Coach and Speaker,


“I’ve worked with Jan for more than 15 years and she NEVER disappoints.

Jan is someone I totally trust when it comes to support, direction, wisdom, encouragement, and challenge on the topic of sales in business.

I watched her fill my workshops by crafting effective sales campaigns that I had no idea how to do. I’ve learned so much from her over the years”.

And her outrageously funny “no-nonsense, say it like it is, say it like no one else does” way of training is the icing on the cake for me.”

Monique MacDonald
Life Coach, Author,
Trainer of Sacred Gifts

Wanda March

“Jan’s sales training was a total success for me. Despite my decades of sales experience, I still learned so much. Within two months of starting the program, I landed a very big account.

Then COVID-19 happened. Overnight I lost that big account. Yet with Jan’s training and support combined with the group support, I was able to still double my income during the pandemic.

I highly recommend Jan’s sales training. Jan knows her stuff and her 4 decades of experience in business shows in every aspect of her training.”

Wanda March
Founder of Phone Talk B2B

“I attended the July 2020 You’re Worth 6-Figures and More workshop with Jan and repeated it again in August.  It was that good!

Jan was able to create clarity and focus on what I needed for my business. My income went up 70% in the first month and over 125% in the second month; the third month is on target to have an even larger increase.

With Jan’s guidance, I am taking my business from a side hustle to a full-time money-making enterprise.”

Dianne Bondaroff
Needle and Spice

Discover Your Sales Type
So You Can Help More People
And Make More Money

Are You The Queen, The Pauper, The Lady-In-Waiting, or The Princess?


EVERY one of us is a different type of saleswoman.


So, which one are you?

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