12-Months Private Coaching
with Jan Janzen

This coaching program is for the woman entrepreneur who is serious about up-leveling her business, her income, her branding, her marketing, and her time management. Creating a “freedom-first” business is a priority while still creating a 6-figure or multi-6-figure business, making a difference in the world, and honoring her need for a well-structured, systemized business that feels right at a heart and soul level.

Our goal is to:

  • Get clarity on areas of your business that right now are unclear or are unknown.
  • Reset your money mindset so you can create the income you want and need in your business.
  • Review all areas of your business from niche to branding to your pricing and packages and determine what areas need tweaking, or need a more thorough overhaul to create the business you love and produces a 6-figure or multi-6-figure business that you LOVE!
  • Focus on sales training so you feel confident and fall in love with selling.
  • Create a plan for the next 12 months where you want to go with your business, expand or cut back to create the business of your dreams.
  • Fully personalized so you get optimum results from training and coaching personalized specifically for you.

All coaching calls are done using Zoom.

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